学术顾问 is essential to ensuring you are in the program of study and classes that help you reach your goals. All 学生 are matched with an expert advisor in their pathway who will work with you throughout your educational journey.
The 可访问性中心 provides leadership and facilitates equal access for 学生 with disabilities to institutional opportunities that develop independence, 自我辩护技巧, 学习并取得个人和职业上的成功.
招生、招聘 & 外展 team connects and assists prospective 学生 through the pre-enrollment and transition to college process by developing positive relationships, 引导未来的学生走向入学之路, 并提供一流的服务.
CCD的先进制造中心是最先进的,280-square-foot facility offering degree and certificate programs in machining and welding.
The CCD 校友会 is the best way to share that success with fellow graduates, 下课后保持联系, 并从您的CCD经验中受益.
CCD strives to provide a safe and healthy environment that improves your learning process. 在这里你可以找到重要的电话号码和安全信息, 包括奥瑞亚校园警察局, 有关RAVE系统及AHEC恶劣天气热线的详情.
俗称出纳处, the Business Office at CCD exists as a point of reference for all your educational and academic payments.
皇冠官方app下载 Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on engaging individuals, 基金会, 和企业支持皇冠官方app下载.
CCD在线 offers fully online certificates and degrees as well as individual online courses to help match your busy schedule.
The 劳动力计划中心 (CWI) at Community College of Denver helps to connect employers, 工人, 学生, 以及其他社区伙伴. 了解更多.
Find the latest updates and policies regarding COVID-19 at Community College of Denver
The Digital 区 wants to help 学生 build the skills they need and receive certifications to help achieve their digital literacy goals.
Digital storytelling is the use of computer-based tools to create an edited video that tells a story. 了解更多关于数字故事讲述者奖学金的信息!
CCD欢迎所有梦想者,资产,DACA & 无证学生可以帮助你, from enrolling at CCD through graduation regardless of your current status.
The 教育机会中心 serves a six-county metropolitan area offering the community information on accessing higher education, planning and assisting with the completion of the admissions and financial aid applications, 探索职业选择, 以及向低收入者传播私人奖学金来源, 第一代学生.
EASS oversees student services departments, including Enrollment Services, Student Development & 留存率和学生规划 & 资源中心. Our mission is to ensure accessible opportunities for 学生’ academic success and personal growth and development in a diverse society.
The EXCEL区 offers tutoring for all CCD 学生 in achieving their academic goals through a variety of academic subjects and learning opportunities.
CCD设施的工作人员致力于提供一个安全, 清洁, 舒适的, 为我们的学生提供温馨的环境, 教师, 也是我们150英亩校园的客人.
财政援助 & 奖学金 team connects you to the tools you need to pay for college.
The 财政服务 department provides finance and accounting support, 采购, 旅行, 为CCD提供工资单及补助金管理/报告服务.
The 格兰特发展 and Compliance team support the mission of CCD by developing resources that contribute to programming, 学生支持, 教职员工发展, and other services that improve the learning experience of our 学生.
There are many ways you can begin reaching your educational goals and your path toward college while still in high school. 通过高中联系了解更多信息.
The College encourages 学生 to participate in more than one program if possible. 通过本节了解这四个选项.
The HSI STEM Scholars program works with Hispanic and/or low-income STEM 学生 (i.e., 从事科学工作的人, 技术, 工程, 还有数学学位, 不包括健康科学)在CCD工作期间.
皇冠官方app下载雇佣教师, 兼职教师, 管理员, and 工作人员 members who facilitate a better working and learning environment for employees and 学生 alike.
Information Technology (IT) Services provides information 技术 leadership and support to the 教师, 工作人员, 以及皇冠官方app下载的学生.
机构研究,分析, & 有效性 provides accurate and relevant data and analyses to facilitate data-informed decision-making and planning at Community College of Denver.
国际学生! Get information on enrolling in CCD, including steps to enrollment and visa details.
The KEYS Program is designed to assist displaced homemakers to become self-sufficient. 适用于今天!
我们的营销和创意服务团队提供营销服务, 公共关系, 及为书院提供创意服务.
在注册办公室工作人员的指导下 & 记录, you’ll get on the right track to starting and furthering your educational goals.
总统办公室 is a space for 学生, 教师, and 工作人员 at CCD. 了解更多关于CCD主席的信息.
CCD毕业生是一个复杂的思考者, 是一个有效和道德的技术使用者, 是有效的沟通者吗, 具有全球意识, 对个人负责并且是一个数字思考者. 有了这些特质,CCD的毕业生可以做任何事情!
Our services are here to support individual 学生 and communities in reaching academic and personal success. 了解更多.
Get involved with the 学生会协会 and represent the voice of CCD 学生!
SPARC’s purpose is to help you succeed as a student by creating a supportive environment that is both challenging and committed to your learning.
作为CCD的员工, 您可以完全访问教学中心(TLC), where you can attain the professional development essential in reaching your career goals.
The 测试中心 is located on the Auraria校园 and supports teaching and learning by providing high-quality test administration and excellent customer service in a 舒适的 and secure testing environment.
Ending Interpersonal Violence (IPV) through Prevention, Awareness and 支持 Services. 了解更多关于学生和员工的资源,并联系他们.
TRIO学生支援服务(SSS)提供全面的学术服务, financial and personal guidance within an active community of 学生 and 工作人员.
CCD有200多个U.S. 退伍军人使用他们通过《皇冠苹果版app下载》获得的教育福利. 退伍军人服务中心 is here to help you apply and get connected with your peers.